Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills: The Support At La Vie Clinic

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Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills: The Support At La Vie Clinic

La Vie Clinic proudly supports Rochester Hills cancer survivors, providing discounted PRP/PRF hair restoration, and more to help survivors restore their health, beauty and confidence.

Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills

Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills: La Vie Clinic’s Restorative Services.

Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills: Having battled cancer, the fight doesn’t stop when treatment ends. Recovery brings physical and emotional challenges, including coping with hair loss. At La Vie Clinic, we’re honored to support survivors in the Rochester Hills community by providing restorative hair services such as PRF Hair, Hair PRP Treatment at reduced costs. Read on to learn about our initiative to help Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills revive their hair, confidence and vibrancy.

Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills: How Can Hair Loss Impact Them?

For Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills, losing hair during chemotherapy can be extremely jarring and upsetting. Hair is intimately tied to self-image and identity, especially for women. Alopecia affects confidence, body image and quality of life on top of an already tough recovery.

Studies show some psychological effects of hair loss on Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills including:

– Negative feelings about physical appearance  

– Decreased self-esteem and sense of attractiveness

– Social isolation or altered social interactions  

– Depression, stress and other emotional problems

– Reminders of a traumatic cancer experience

– Low energy and motivation 

Regrowing hair is about far more than vanity – it restores survivors’ dignity, vibrancy and sense of normalcy.

How Can PRP & PRF Therapy Help With Hair Regrowth for Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills?  

At La Vie Clinic, we’re excited to offer PRF Hair and Hair PRP Treatment hair restoration to Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills at a discounted price. Both these innovative treatments utilize healing growth factors from the patient’s own blood to stimulate new hair growth.

Benefits of Hair PRP Treatment/PRF Hair therapy for Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills include:

– Reactivating dormant hair follicles to start producing new hairs

– Increasing density and thickness of existing hair stands 

– Reducing hair loss and shedding between treatments

– Promoting growth not just on the scalp but brows, lashes, etc.

– Boosting hair and scalp health through improved blood flow and nourishment

– Providing lasting improvements with follow-up maintenance treatments 

These breakthrough therapies offer Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills a rejuvenating path to restore hair naturally using their body’s own regenerative potential.

Partnering With the Rochester Hill Chamber of Commerce 

We’re honored to collaborate with the Rochester Hill Chamber of Commerce on this meaningful initiative supporting Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills. Together, we aim to spread awareness and increase accessibility of our restorative treatments so more Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills can find their way back to vibrancy. The Rochester Hill Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in getting the word out about our reduced pricing services and mission of empowering Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills.

Am I a Candidate for PRP or PRF Hair Restoration?

Our hair restoration specialists at La Vie Clinic recommend Hair PRP Treatment or PRF Hair for Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills experiencing:

– Loss of hair density or bald spots due to chemotherapy 

– Excessive shedding of hair and reduced hair volume 

– Lack of new hair regrowth months after chemo ended

– Thinning hair shaft width and texture changes

– Loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, etc.

Both men and women Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills can benefit at any age. Those with some existing hair generally respond best as the treatments target and reawaken damaged follicles to spark new growth.

What is Involved in the PRP & PRF Hair Restoration Process? 

The process to regrow hair using your body’s own plasma is straightforward:

First, a small sample of your own blood is drawn and processed to isolate the platelet rich plasma or fibrin. Numbing cream is applied for comfort.

Then, the Hair PRP Treatment or PRF Hair is strategically injected into thinning areas of the scalp using an ultrafine needle. The growth factors get to work activating dormant follicles.

Treatments take 60-90 minutes. A series of 4-6 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart provides optimal results. Some mild redness may occur for a day or two.

Over three months, patients begin to appreciate new sprouts of hair in thinning patches as follicles are reactivated. Continued growth and thickness is seen over 6-12 months. Eyebrows, lashes and body hair also regenerate. Consistent follow-up maintenance sustains results.

What Results Are Possible With PRP and PRF Hair Treatments?

Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills

Over a course of treatments, cancer survivors can expect:

– 10-30% increase in overall hair density

– Filling of bald patches or thinning spots

– Gradual return of eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair

– Increased strength, smoothness and elasticity of hair shafts

– Years of rejuvenation with maintenance sessions  

While individual results vary, most survivors are amazed by the new hair growth possible. It’s emotionally moving to see hair restored.

Is There Scientific Evidence on PRP and PRF for Hair Loss?

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated Hair PRP Treatment and PRF Hair safely and effectively improve hair counts, density, and growth rate in those experiencing alopecia or thinning hair. 

In a trial on breast cancer survivors, over 70% experienced significant hair regrowth with PRP therapy. Four sessions produced over 20% increases in hair density. These results are consistent with findings in other studies as well.

While more research is still underway, current evidence supports Hair PRP Treatment and PRF Hair as promising hair restoration options for survivors struggling with hair loss.

What Makes La Vie Clinic the Ideal Choice for Cancer Survivors in Rochester Hills?

At La Vie Clinic, our co-founder Nagwa Attalla, office manager Rawan Batal, and medical director Dr. Gamal Zaki lead our supportive services for local survivors including:

– Reduced pricing on our Hair PRP Treatment and PRF Hair restoration services to increase accessibility for survivors. This makes reviving your hair more affordable.

– A relaxing, welcoming environment ensured by Mrs. Rawan Batal for your PRP/PRF Hair sessions. We know visits can resurface difficult memories. 

– Extra gentleness and trauma-informed care by our compassionate staff. We respect the challenging road you’ve been on.

– Customized treatment plans tailored to the type and extent of your hair loss and goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all protocol.

– Ongoing emotional support and encouragement throughout your hair restoration journey. We’re here to uplift you along the way.

– Consistent follow-up maintenance sessions to nourish hair follicles and prolong results. Your hair’s health is our priority. 

We feel privileged to help local survivors not just regrow hair but also regain confidence, vitality and hope through PRP and PRF Hair provided with care, empathy and clinical excellence.

Explore Other Revitalizing Services for Post Chemotherapy Cancer Survivors at La Vie Clinic 

In addition to our restorative hair solutions, La Vie Clinic offers many other rejuvenating treatments that can help cancer survivors restore their vitality, health and confidence during the recovery process. We’re proud to make the following services accessible at reduced costs as part of our survivor support initiative:

Vitamin B12 Injection Dosage For Adults– Chemotherapy can deplete vitamin B12 levels, leaving survivors drained of energy and stamina. Our Vitamin B12 Injection Dosage For Adults therapy quickly boosts energy, immunity and mental clarity to help survivors regain their vibrancy. 

PRP Injections For Face- Skin often appears dull, dry and aged after the cancer journey. PRP Injections utilize growth factors in your own blood to hydrate, exfoliate and renew skin’s radiant glow. This treatment can beautifully smooth and brighten survivor’s skin.  

Fibroblast Skin Tightening- The weight fluctuations and aging effects of cancer treatment can leave skin sagging. Fibroblast non-surgical skin tightening stimulates collagen to gently lift and tone loose skin for a more youthful contour.  

Dermal Fillers Rochester Hills – Fat loss in the face due to cancer treatment can cause premature aging. Dermal Fillers Rochester Hills add volume to hollowed cheeks, temples, lips and eyes for a rested, lively appearance.  

The physical and emotional impacts of cancer affect all aspects of wellbeing. At La Vie Clinic, we’re dedicated to supporting local survivors with therapeutic solutions to help them look and feel fully alive again during each step of their healing journey. Please reach out and we’ll be honored to create a customized recovery plan.

Restore Your Hair and Vibrancy After Cancer

If you’re a cancer survivor struggling with the effects of hair loss in the Rochester Hills community, we encourage you to explore PRP or PRF Hair. Reach out to our office today to learn more about our special pricing and program for survivors. 

It would be our honor to support you on your journey back to health, beauty and wholeness. Our team looks forward to helping you write your next uplifting chapter.

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