Laser Skin Tag Removal: A Safe, Effective Option?

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Laser Skin Tag Removal: A Safe, Effective Option?

Laser Skin Tag Removal: Discover how precision laser technology can safely, quickly remove skin tags on the face or body in less than a week.

Laser skin tag removal

Laser Skin Tag Removal: What is It and When To Consider

Laser Skin Tag Removal: Have an annoying skin tag?  Wondering if laser removal is an effective option for safe, quick removal? Skin tags can appear anywhere as we age. Though harmless, they may snag, feel irritated, or impact your appearance. At La Vie Aesthetics Clinic, we offer advanced laser removal along with other proven techniques to gently eliminate skin tags. Keep reading to learn all about this innovative approach.

Laser Skin Tag Removal: What Causes Skin Tags and Who Gets Them? 

Skin tags are tiny, soft, skin-colored or pigmented benign tumors that can develop as we get older. They often form on the:

– Neck

– Underarms

– Eyelids 

– Folds of skin

– Breasts

– Groin

– Under breasts

While their exact cause isn’t fully understood, factors that increase susceptibility include:

– Age over 50 years old

– Obesity

– Diabetes 

– Pregnancy

– Genetics/family history 

– Friction areas of skin

Skin tags themselves pose no medical harm, but many desire removal for cosmetic reasons or physical irritation. 

How Does Laser Skin Tag Removal Work?

Laser skin tag removal utilizes focused pulses of light energy directed precisely at the lesion. The concentrated beam penetrates and destroys the tissue, allowing the tag to safely fall off.

Advanced laser removal is extremely targeted, only affecting the skin tag without damaging the surrounding skin. The heat energy applied seals blood vessels to prevent bleeding and assists the shedding process.

Compared to topical treatments, laser removal provides faster elimination of skin tags with minimal scarring or recurrence when performed properly. Most tags are gone in under a week versus over two weeks with other options.

How Is Laser Skin Tag Removal Performed? 

Our expert clinician Nagwa uses the cutting-edge Cynosure Elite iQ laser with specialized parameters ideal for skin tags including:

– Numbing cream applied for 30 minutes prior for comfort.

– Laser handpiece carefully aimed at the skin tag.

– Quick pulses of energy applied directly to the lesion.

– Procedure takes only 10-15 minutes depending on size and location.

– Process may be repeated at a follow-up if needed to ensure full removal. 

– Apply antibiotic ointment while natural shedding of the destroyed tag occurs over 5-7 days.

With laser precision and a steady, experienced hand, removal is quick, simple and effective.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Laser Skin Tag Removal?

Benefits of laser skin tag removal and Laser skin tag treatment in general include:

– Extremely targeted without affecting surrounding skin.

– Fast elimination taking less than a week.

– Just one or two quick non-invasive treatments. 

– Local anesthesia provides a comfortable experience.

– Minimal scarring risk when performed properly.

– Suitable for tags on face, neck and body.

– Very low recurrence rate.

Downsides are rare but can include:

– Slightly higher cost than topical remedies.

– Potential for scarring if too much heat is applied.  

– Careful sun protection is needed during healing.

– Avoidance of hot tubs or pools after until healed.

– Does not prevent new tags from possibly forming over time.

For quick, effective removal laser treatment is an excellent option for troublesome skin tags.

How Does Laser Skin Tag Removal Compare to Other Methods? 

Laser skin tag removal

Other common skin tag removal techniques include:

– Topical Creams – Gradually shrink tags via plant extracts but can take weeks.

– Cryotherapy – Freezing with liquid nitrogen applied by a clinician. Works within a week.

– Scissor Excision – Numbing then cutting off skin tags with sterile scissors. 

– Electrosurgery – Destroying tissue via electric current through a small probe.

– Tying Off – Strangulating the base to cut off blood flow.

While these clinical methods also offer relatively fast lesion removal, potential side effects like pain, bleeding, infection or scarring are higher compared to laser removal when performed properly.

What Results Should You Expect With Laser Skin Tag Removal?

The typical laser skin tag removal timeline is: 

Day 1 – The treated tag may swell slightly and darken due to the heat effects. 

Days 2-3 – A pinpoint scab forms over the dead tag tissue which will naturally shed.

Days 4-7 – The dry, scabbed skin tag turns darker over a few days as it fully detaches from the skin.

Day 7+ – The dead tag falls off completely, leaving slightly pink new skin that continues healing.  

With a series of laser pulses, most tags are eliminated within a week. Be diligent with follow-up appointments and aftercare for successful results.

How Can Scarring Be Minimized After Laser Skin Tag Removal?

To reduce the risk of scarring we recommend:

– Seeing an expert like Nagwa at La Vie Clinic to precisely control laser parameters and technique. Improper use creates more heat damage.

– Advanced technology like our Cynosure Elite laser delivers focused energy just to the skin tag, avoiding collateral damage. 

– Following provided aftercare instructions diligently including keeping the area moisturized and protected.

– Avoiding picking at scabs so new skin can form smoothly beneath it.

– Using recommended silicone scar sheets or creams once healed to minimize any scar tissue.

– Avoiding sun exposure until fully healed as UV can darken scars.

In most cases, our laser produces faint scarring comparable to a small nick from shaving when performed properly. Proper post-treatment care optimizes your cosmetic results.

Why Choose La Vie Aesthetics Clinic for Laser Skin Tag Removal? 

At La Vie Aesthetics Clinic, you can trust our office manager Rawan Batal to ensure the best experience ever while Our Licensed Medical Professional Aesthetician Nagwa Attala performs the treatment:

– Advanced Cynosure Elite laser technology designed specifically for selective lesion removal. 

– A steady, confident hand and meticulous technique for precise control.

– A calm, friendly manner to put you at ease through every step of the process. 

– Careful customization of laser parameters based on your skin tag size and location.

– Ongoing support during your recovery to ensure proper healing.

– Convenient text messaging for easy appointment scheduling.

With over 8 years of medical aesthetics experience, you can feel confident in Rawan’s expertise in ensuring an ultimate experience  

How Can I Prepare For My Laser Skin Tag Removal Treatment?

To get the best results from your laser skin tag removal, here are some tips to prepare properly:

– Shave or trim any hair around the tag a day before treatment to allow access and visibility. This prevents hair from being damaged.

– Wash the area with a gentle cleanser and avoid putting on lotions, oils or creams before your appointment. This allows best laser energy absorption. 

– Arrive with clean skin free of makeup, dirt or debris around the tag. Clean surrounding skin allows optimal precision. 

– Wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to the skin tag area without the need to disrobe completely. 

– Take over-the-counter pain medication about an hour before treatment if you wish to proactively minimize discomfort.

– Arrange transportation after your session as numbness at the site may impede your ability to drive initially.

– Understand the expected process, timeline and any pre/post instructions provided by our staff. Come ready with any questions.

Proper preparation allows us to provide the best experience and fastest end results for you. Let us know if you need any assistance.

What Precautions Should I Take After Laser Skin Tag Removal?

To support optimal healing after your laser treatment, be sure to follow these tips:

– Keep the treated area clean and gently wash daily with mild cleanser until healed. Avoid harsh scrubbing.

– Apply prescribed antibiotic ointment 1-2 times per day as directed to prevent infection as it naturally sheds.

– Wear loose clothing that avoids rubbing against the site while it is healing over 5-7 days.

– Avoid exposing the area to direct sun which could irritate and cause hyperpigmentation. Use SPF 30 protection.

– Refrain from using skin products like tretinoin, retinol or glycolic acid until skin is fully mended.  

– Do not pick or scrape at the scab as it detaches. Allow it to fall off naturally.

– Avoid swimming, saunas, hot tubs while healing as moisture can lift the scab prematurely. 

– Schedule any required follow-up sessions for additional zap pulses if needed.

Proper aftercare is vital for results you’ll love. Be diligent and let us know right away if you have any concerns.

What Should I Do If My Skin Tag Grows Back After Removal?

Recurrence of treated skin tags is very rare if they have been fully removed with our precision laser technique. However, some instances that may lead to recurrence include:

– The initial skin tag was only partially treated and destroyed. The remaining tissue can regrow.

– Failure to attend all recommended follow-up sessions to ensure complete tag elimination.

– Picking or tearing at the tag before it has fully shed can leave remnants that regrow.

– Development of a new skin tag near the original site, not an actual recurrence.

– Certain chronic conditions like diabetes contribute to increased recurrence risk.

If you feel your treated skin tag has returned, contact us promptly to reassess and provide additional sessions with our laser to resolve it fully. Don’t try removing it yourself.

The La Vie Experience

At La Vie Clinic, our co-founder Nagwa Attalla, office manager Rawan Batal, and physician Dr. Gamal Zaki all embody our dedication to compassionate care whether through ensuring an  one of a kind experience or community support. We were privileged to work with cancer survivors by providing hair restoration services at reduced costs, restoring confidence and vibrancy. Our team feels honored to contribute to the wellbeing of Rochester Hills through personalized treatments and initiatives that enhance lives. Get to know our caring team and discover how we can help you look and feel your best.

Are There Alternatives If Laser Removal Isn’t Suitable For Me?

While our laser technique is highly effective for most skin tags, alternatives we offer if needed include:

– Cryotherapy – Freezing tags off using liquid nitrogen.

– Cauterization – Burning off tags precisely with electrical current. 

– Excision – Numbing and surgically cutting tags off if necessary.

– Topical treatments – Using skin tag removal creams that occlude the blood supply.

– Tying off – Strangulating the tag’s base with surgical thread.

We will determine and recommend the most optimal, safest approach tailored for your specific skin tags during an initial consultation. The location, size, and morphology all factor into the ideal removal plan.

Remove Unsightly Skin Tags Quickly and Safely

If you have skin tags causing irritation, try our fast, simple laser removal for results in less than a week. To determine if it’s right for your needs, contact La Vie Aesthetics Clinic today to schedule a skin analysis and consultation. Our knowledgeable staff will help you achieve smooth, flawless skin you’ll love!

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