PRF Injections: Your Guide to PRF Therapy

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PRF Injections: Your Guide to PRF Therapy

PRF injections: How it works, areas treated, results, costs, and what to expect from these cutting-edge injections that utilize your body's own healing factors.

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PRF Injections: When To Consider

PRF injections offered by La Vie Clinic should be on your options list if you’re looking to naturally reduce signs of aging or hair loss. PRF Injections offer dramatic improvements using your body’s own healing components. Read on for an overview of PRF Injections offered at La Vie including what to expect, results, costs, and more.

PRF Injections: What Are They? 

PRF stands for platelet-rich fibrin. It is a concentration of platelets and growth factors isolated from your blood through a simple centrifugation process. When expertly injected into areas of concern, PRF Injections stimulates cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Common PRF therapy treatments include:

– PRF facials – Revives skin tone, texture, plumpness and glow

– PRF hair restoration – Stimulates hair growth and thickness 

– PRF joint injections – Reduces inflammation and pain

– PRF microneedling – Combines PRF with collagen induction therapy

The many growth factors in PRF support your body’s own healing mechanisms for natural revitalization without surgery.

How Do PRF Injections Work?

During PRF therapy, your provider will first draw a vial of your blood, usually from your arm. This blood then undergoes centrifugation to separate and concentrate the PRF. Local numbing is often applied before injections.

Using an ultrafine needle, your provider will strategically inject the PRF into the targeted treatment areas. For example, this may be the face for a PRF facial or the scalp for hair restoration. 

Once injected, the growth factors and proteins in the PRF begin signaling your body’s regenerative processes. This stimulates cell proliferation, new tissue and collagen production, and other healing cascades tailored to the injected area.

Over a series of treatments, PRF progressively enhances the targeted tissue for natural-looking improvements that continue evolving over time. Maintenance sessions sustain the benefits.

How Does Our PRF Technique Optimize Your Experience?

At our clinic, our PRF protocol is meticulously designed to provide patients with exceptional care and results. Here’s how:

– We use a specialized centrifuge optimized for high concentrations of regenerative platelets and growth factors needed for aesthetic PRF treatments. 

– Strict sterile techniques are adhered to during PRF preparation and injections to prevent any risk of contamination.

– Only experienced registered nurses and practitioners perform our PRF injections. Their expertise ensures proper placement and technique.

– Topical numbing creams, nerve blocks or vibration devices are offered to maximize comfort during treatment.

– Multi-pronged approach using cannulas and needle injections based on the treatment area and depth needed. 

– Customized treatment plans based on in-depth evaluation of your unique goals.

– Close follow-up care is scheduled to assess your response and make adjustments as needed.

When your natural beauty is in the most capable hands, you can feel confident you’ll see the rejuvenated vision of yourself shining through. Contact us today to learn more about our PRF services.

How Soon Will I See Results From PRF Injections?

Many patients notice an immediate glow and plumping effect after their first PRF facial session as the skin is volumized. However, it takes a few weeks for your body to fully stimulate new collagen growth using the growth factors. 

Most patients report seeing significant improvements in tone, texture, fine lines, and sagging skin around the 6-8 week mark following a series of PRF facial treatments. The regenerative effects continue over the next 3-6 months with ongoing refinements.

The gradual timeline allows for subtle, natural-looking enhancement. Full effects are seen once the collagen regenerative process has completed. Follow all recommended sessions and be patient as your most vibrant complexion unveils.

What Are the Benefits of PRF Injections?

There are many appealing benefits to PRF therapy including:

PRF Injections Utilize your body’s own healing and regenerating components

– Avoids foreign fillers or toxins

– Promotes natural-looking rejuvenation and repair

– Little to no downtime or recovery needed

– Safe for most patients since your plasma is used

– Lasting improvements with maintenance 

– Non-surgical technique with virtually no side effects

– Works progressively over a course of treatments

– Simple in-office procedures with no surgery

PRF represents the next generation of cosmetic treatments focused on holistic repair and anti-aging.

How Long Do PRF Injection Results Last?

Most patients find that improvements from PRF injections last approximately 18-24 months. However, maintenance sessions are needed about once a year to sustain the treatment benefits. PRF stimulates your own collagen, but does not stop the natural aging process. 

Consistent maintenance PRF injections keep regenerating tissue, promoting smooth, youthful skin, a full head of hair or pain-free joints over the long term. Be diligent with follow-up appointments for lasting improvements.

PRF injections: The Before and After?

Before and after photos of real PRF patients demonstrate the significant yet natural-looking improvements possible. Some examples include:

– Skin appears plumper and more even-toned with fewer wrinkles in PRF facial before and after images.

– PRF hair restoration before and after photos show renewed hair growth and thickness in balding or thinning areas.

– Knees look smoother and more supple after PRF injections for osteoarthritis.

Keep in mind results vary based on health, age, condition severity, and adherence to the recommended number of treatment sessions. Discuss your expectations fully during your consultation.

How Much Do PRF Injections Cost? 

The cost of PRF injections varies depending on the types of treatments, number of sessions recommended, and your clinic fees. Some general cost ranges include:

– **PRF Facials:** Approximately $600 – $1200 per session. Most need 2-4 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart, book a consultation to get an accurate estimation!

– **PRF Hair Restoration:** Around $1500 – $3000 for a course of 4-6 sessions. Maintenance is need annually, book a consultation to get an accurate estimation!

Many clinics offer package pricing at a discounted rate for a full course of treatments. book a consultation to get an accurate estimation!

While not typically covered by insurance, PRF provides dramatic improvements at a reasonable price compared to alternative surgical procedures.

Schedule a Consultation to Learn More About PRF 

Ready to explore if PRF therapy is suited to address your unique needs? The next step is to meet with a knowledgeable practitioner for a thorough evaluation and customized treatment plan. 

You’ll have the opportunity to ask all your questions about PRF injections during your consultation. Get started with a simple online booking request today!

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