PRP vs PRF Treatment : Skin Rejuvenation

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PRP vs PRF Treatment : Skin Rejuvenation

PRF treatment: Discover the differences between PRP and PRF platelet therapy. Compare preparation methods, optimal uses for each treatment, and more!

PRF Treatment vs PRP

PRF Treatment vs PRP: Which Platelet Therapy is Better For Rejuvenation? 

PRF Treatment and PRP: you’ve likely come across these two similar sounding options if you’re researching natural ways to regenerate aging skin or hair. Both utilize growth factors from your own blood to rejuvenate cells, but there are some key differences. Read on as we compare PRP vs PRF treatment offered at La Vie Clinic and more!

PRF Treatment and PRP: The Key Differences:

While PRP and PRF Treatment share similarities, our experts at La Vie clinic have highlighted some of the key differences include:

– Components: PRP contains concentrated platelets suspended in plasma. PRF treatment isolates platelets embedded in a fibrin matrix.

– Growth Factors: Both contain growth factors to stimulate regeneration, but some research shows PRF releases more growth factors over an extended time period.

– Healing Support: The fibrin matrix in PRF provides structural support to aid healing and cell migration.

– Preparation: PRF treatment preparation is simpler, using centrifugation without additives. PRP requires anticoagulants and often activator substances. 

– Applications: PRF treatment is often preferred for slower healing regions while PRP may work better for acute injuries. Providers tailor recommendations based on treatment goals.

– Inflammation: PRF treatment does not contain pro-inflammatory cells like neutrophils which are found in PRP. In simple words, this makes PRF gentler on tissues.

While both harness regenerative abilities, the nuances give each potential advantages depending on the condition being treated.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a concentration of platelets and growth factors isolated from your own blood. When injected into areas needing repair, these growth factors stimulate regeneration and new tissue growth by:

– Increasing stem cell mobilization and activation

– Promoting new blood vessel development  

– Encouraging collagen and elastic fiber production

Common PRP treatments include injections into the skin for rejuvenation, joints for pain relief, or scalp to stimulate hair growth. Patients see improvements using their body’s own healing mechanisms.

What is PRF treatment?

Like PRP, PRF Treatment also utilizes regenerative components from your blood. However, PRF isolated not only the platelet concentrate, but also a mesh-like fibrin matrix. 

This fibrin matrix traps additional growth factors released from the platelets and sustains their release over a longer period of time compared to PRP. Clinically, PRF has been shown to support more efficient long-term tissue regeneration.

Both PRP and PRF provide growth factor support, but PRF may have advantages in longevity. PRF is commonly used in procedures like facials, hair restoration, wound healing, and orthopedics.

How Do We Optimize Your PRP or PRF Treatment? 

At our clinic, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to PRP/PRF therapy. We customize and maximize your treatment by:

– Using advanced centrifugation systems optimized to yield high concentrations of regenerative platelets, whether preparing PRP or PRF. No platelet waste means better results.

– Mixing specific nutrient-rich solutions into the PRP to support amplification of growth factor release and activity for facial rejuvenation treatments.

– Testing blood samples before preparing PRP to determine platelet counts and quality. This allows the most ideal treatment plan.

– Blending PRP and PRF together when appropriate to utilize the unique advantages of each. Our specialists will determine if combination therapy is preferable. 

– Employing meticulous injection technique to evenly distribute PRP/PRF for optimal diffusion with minimal discomfort.

– Offering combination approaches such as PRP/PRF facials with microneedling for greater collagen stimulation. 

– Providing tiny cannulas for large volume injections to minimize risk of bruising and maximize comfort.

– Customizing the number of treatments and interval between sessions based on your individual needs and goals. 

– Strictly following sterility protocols and using disposable supplies to prevent contamination. Your safety is our priority.

– Closely tracking clinical outcomes to continuously improve our PRP and PRF therapy approaches.

Our staff stays current on the latest advances in regenerative medicine to deliver the highest quality care. We want you looking and feeling your best.

Why Choose Our Clinic for Your PRP or PRF Treatment?

PRF Treatment vs PRP

When seeking any injectable therapy, choosing a provider you can trust is key. At our clinic you can count on:

– Highly skilled injectors including physician assistants and nurse practitioners trained specifically in PRP/PRF aesthetic techniques. 

– A private, relaxing setting for your appointments with a skilled medical team onsite.

– Before/after photos and testimonials so you can see real patient outcomes.

– Use of high quality FDA cleared supplies and equipment.

– An exclusive focus on providing the latest cosmetic injectables – we don’t just dabble in these services.

– Candid recommendations on whether PRP or PRF is best suited for your particular needs and goals.

– Patient rewards program providing savings on maintenance treatments and products.

– Flexible scheduling including evening and weekend appointments.

We strive to make your experience with regenerative injection therapy five-star from your very first consultation through maintaining your aesthetic goals long-term. Contact us to learn more!

What is PRF Under Eye Treatment?

One common concern PRF can address is under eye circles, bags and wrinkles. This area often shows early signs of aging. 

During PRF under eye therapy, a small amount of your own platelet-rich fibrin is strategically injected into the delicate under eye region. The growth factors initiate collagen production in the thin skin to:

– Plump sunken tear troughs and hollows under the eyes

– Reduce the appearance of dark circles  

– Soften fine lines and crow’s feet 

– Tighten loose, crepey skin for a refreshed look

PRF under eye injections utilize your body’s own regenerative substances for natural-looking results. The rejuvenating effects evolve gradually over several weeks.

Combining PRF with other treatments like microneedling can further boost under eye results by promoting absorption and collagen stimulation. Your provider will advise the best approach for optimizing your under eye area.

PRP and PRF Treatment for Facial Rejuvenation

For aesthetic facial rejuvenation, both PRP and PRF offer excellent options for natural enhancement without surgery. Treatment involves injecting your own plasma into areas of the face to stimulate new collagen and elastin production. This smooths wrinkles, firms skin, stimulates glowing tone and replenishes lost volume. However, PRF facials may allow more sustained release of regenerative growth factors based on the presence of fibrin. This means longer-lasting results compared to PRP alone. For non-surgical facial rejuvenation, many providers favor PRF over PRP for optimal renewal.

Using PRP or PRF for Hair Restoration 

Treating hair loss is another application where PRP and PRF show great promise. Injected into the scalp, concentrated growth factors nourish follicles, moderate inflammation, improve blood supply and encourage new growth. This can restore lost hair fullness and density. Here, results for PRP and PRF are fairly comparable with effectively renewed hair thickness and reduced shedding being reported. Maintenance sessions are important for longevity with both options. Your provider will advise if PRP or PRF is preferable to meet your hair goals.

Should I Choose PRP or PRF For Face?

The best way to determine if PRP or PRF is suited to your needs is to schedule a consultation. Based on your health, areas of concern, treatment objectives, and more, your provider will recommend the better option. While both provide regenerative benefits, nuances like prolonged growth factor release may make PRF favorable depending on the condition being addressed. Discuss your goals with an expert to decide between PRP or PRF.

Experience Safe, Natural Rejuvenation 

Ready to learn more about PRP and PRF therapy? We offer both cutting-edge treatments tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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