La Vie’s BBL® HERO™️ by Sciton

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La Vie’s BBL® HERO™️ by Sciton

La Vie’s BBL® HERO™️ by Sciton

Unveil the power of faster, more efficient, and supremely comfortable skin transformations with BBL® HERO. Our full-body treatments are now quicker and more powerful, providing unparalleled results in as little as three minutes for large areas such as the back, legs, and arms. BBL HERO, with its High Energy Rapid Output (HERO), redefines the treatment experience—delivering exceptional outcomes without compromising comfort.

What is BBL HERO?

BBL HERO revolutionizes the transformation of aging skin with quick, full-body treatments. Experience the swiftness and efficacy of HERO, with treatments taking as little as three minutes for expansive areas. The signature handpiece ensures minimal discomfort and minimal downtime, making numbing cream unnecessary.

Customizable for Lasting Results

BBL HERO boasts the broadest range of wavelengths in one handpiece, allowing for powerful customization. Address skin concerns comprehensively in a single pass, or opt for multiple passes to achieve the appearance of tighter skin while correcting pigmented lesions, skin flushing, acne, and more.

Key Features:

  • Smart Filters: Easily swap any of the nine wavelength filters to address various skin concerns.
  • Powerful Cooling & Single-Degree Adjustability: Consistent results are achieved with re-engineered cooling, allowing constant motion treatments without temperature fluctuations.
  • Quick-Change Spot Size Adaptors: Swapable finesse adaptors enable easy and quick changes to spot sizes for a tailored treatment.
  • Dual-Lamp Technology: Extends handpiece life and improves performance.

How it Works

  1. Overview: BBL HERO, an advancement of BroadBand Light (BBL), delivers unparalleled speed, peak power, and cooling. Large areas are treated in minutes with visible, enduring results.
  2. Multi-Pass Approach: Proprietary technology in BBL HERO safely treats aesthetic concerns on every skin type. A single pass addresses overall skin appearance, while multiple passes with different wavelengths correct various concerns.
  3. In-Demand Skincare Treatments: BBL HERO powers popular treatments like Forever Clear BBL® for acne, Forever Bare BBL® for hair reduction, and SkinTyte™ for skin laxity.

Optimal Combination and Versatility of Treatments

BBL HERO offers the flexibility to address diverse concerns—from signs of aging to hair removal and acne.

What it Treats & treatable areas:

What it Treats:

  • Signs of Aging
  • Small Vessels
  • Active Acne
  • Excess Hair
  • Loose or Sagging Skin

Treatable Areas BBL HERO is effective on most skin types, offering transformative results across the entire body, including the face, neck, décolleté, arms, legs, back, buttocks, and abdomen.

What Patients Can Expect

BBL HERO Benefits:

  • Faster treatments with improved outcomes
  • Reduced appearance of aging skin
  • Clearer, smoother skin with diminished pigment and vascularity

Procedure at a Glance!

Pain Level

None to minimal

Blood Drawn


Treatable Areas

Face, Neck, Décolleté, Arms, Legs, Back, Buttocks, Abdomen


No Downtimes

Number of Sessions

Tailored to individual needs

Procedure Duration

12-15 minutes.

Results Timeline

Immediate to a few days


Customized recommendations

Pre-Procedure Preparation

Tailored to each patient

Post-Procedure Care

Customized recommendations

Type of Equipment/Brand

Top-quality Sciton mJOULE BBL HERO


Assessed during consultation

Skin transformation with BBL® HERO™️

Experience the future of skin transformation with BBL® HERO™️ at La Vie Aesthetic Clinic. Contact us to embark on your journey to youthful, radiant skin.

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