Forever Bare BBL Laser Hair Removal

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Forever Bare BBL Laser Hair Removal

Forever Bare BBL Laser Hair Removal

Go Beyond Hair Hassles: Forever Bare BBL Say farewell to tiresome hair rituals and embrace smooth, stubble-free skin effortlessly. Forever Bare BBL laser hair removal technology revolutionizes the hair removal game, offering a swift and comfortable solution that ensures lasting results—so you can confidently go forever bare.

See Why Forever Bare Is the Talk of the Town

The Forever Bare BBL Experience:

Forever Bare utilizes advanced light technology to target and eliminate hair follicles at the source, providing a long-lasting solution for hair reduction.

Appropriate for various skin tones and hair textures, Forever Bare ensures an 80 to 90% reduction in hair within 3-6 sessions, depending on factors such as hair texture, treatment area, and skin tone. Any regrowth tends to be finer and less noticeable. Periodic maintenance treatments once or twice a year further deter hair regrowth in the treated areas.

What to Expect During a Forever Bare BBL Treatment:

Wondering about the sensation?
Forever Bare BBL is recognized for its comfort. The handpiece generates a warming, “prickly” sensation, well-tolerated by most patients even without a numbing agent. The warmth diminishes approximately an hour post-treatment.

Additional Benefits of BBL Hair Removal:

Forever Bare BBL treatments not only reduce unwanted hair but also enhance skin quality. If you’re looking to address both hair removal and skin concerns like brown spots, red spots, or acne, our providers can tailor recommendations for a comprehensive BBL treatment plan.

Frequency of Hair Removal Treatments:

Typically, 3-6 sessions yield significant hair reduction in the treated area.
However, the precise number depends on your hair growth speed, color, and thickness. During an initial consultation, your practitioner will create a customized plan to suit your unique needs.

Procedure at a Glance!

Pain Level

None to minimal—experience a comfortable session

Blood Drawn

No invasive procedures—no blood drawn.

Treatable Areas

Chin, Chest, Arms, Legs, Abdomen, Neck, and Armpit—comprehensive coverage.


Resume your routine immediately with no downtime.

Number of Sessions

Achieve optimal results with 3-6 sessions.

Procedure Duration

Quick and comfortable, lasting 5-30 minutes.

Results Timeline

Immediate to a few days—notice revitalization shortly after.


Customized recommendations—prolong benefits with personalized aftercare.

Pre-Procedure Preparation & Post-Procedure Care

Customized recommendations—ensure lasting radiance with personalized guidance.

Type of Equipment/Brand

Top-quality Sciton BBL HERO device.


Assessed during consultation

Customizable Solutions

Not sure if Forever Bare BBL is right for you?
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