La Vie’s ClearSilk®: Unveiling Flawless Skin

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La Vie’s ClearSilk®: Unveiling Flawless Skin

La Vie’s ClearSilk®: Unveiling Flawless Skin

ClearSilk stands as the epitome of a lunchtime facial, offering patients the rejuvenation they desire with minimal downtime. In just 10-30 minutes, this treatment reveals healthier-looking skin, progressively improving with each session.

Who is ClearSilk for?

ClearSilk is the ideal choice for first-time laser patients and those seeking to maintain a youthful appearance without the recovery time typically associated with ablative resurfacing treatments.

What does ClearSilk treat?

ClearSilk significantly reduces the appearance of flushing/blushing, rosacea, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and acne scars, contributing to a healthier and more vibrant complexion.

Can ClearSilk be combined with other Sciton treatments?

Absolutely. ClearSilk can be seamlessly combined with other Sciton treatments, such as BBL® HERO™, offering an enhanced improvement in uneven texture, dull complexion, rosacea, and diffuse redness. This ScitonStaX™ treatment combination is designed to maintain healthy and even-toned skin across various body areas.

Key Features:

  1. Visual Distance Guide: Maintain the right treatment distance with ClearSilk’s visual guide, converging two laser beams into a single point on the skin.
  2. Built-in Temperature Sensing: Real-time visual feedback ensures treatment accuracy and patient comfort by measuring the skin’s temperature between 32-42° C.
  3. Indication-driven Software: Easy access to correct application software and safe start treatment settings through an intuitive user interface.
  4. Increased Spot Sizes: Enhance treatment speed and ensure uniform heating with spot sizes between 7 and 10 mm.

How it Works

  1. Overview: ClearSilk targets redness, flushing/blushing, and promotes overall skin revitalization on all skin types throughout the year. Many choose ClearSilk for maintaining healthy skin or improving complexion before significant events.
  2. Easy-to-use features for easy delegation: ClearSilk’s versatile 1064nm NdYAG laser wavelength, integrated design, and user-friendly interface make it an ideal treatment for delegated staff.

What It Treats & treatable areas

ClearSilk effectively addresses various skin concerns, including uneven textures, rosacea and redness, acne, skin dullness, and even toenail fungus.

Treatable Areas: 

ClearSilk caters to all complexions on the face and body, including the face, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, and legs.

What Patients Can Expect

Experience the La Vie’s ClearSilk journey, often termed the “lunchtime facial.” Patients enjoy a quick, easy application that improves luminosity, reduces redness, and revitalizes the overall appearance. The treatment is described as relaxing and therapeutic, with only gentle warming of the skin.

Procedure at a Glance!

Pain Level

None to minimal

Blood Drawn


Treatable Areas

Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Abdomen, Legs


None to minimal

Number of Sessions

Tailored to individual needs

Procedure Duration

10-30 minutes

Results Timeline

Immediate to a few days


Customized recommendations

Pre-Procedure Preparation

Tailored to each patient

Post-Procedure Care

Customized recommendations

Type of Equipment/Brand

Top-quality Sciton mJOULE ClearSilk


Assessed during consultation

Flawless skin with La Vie's ClearSilk

Embark on your journey to flawless skin with La Vie’s ClearSilk. Contact us for a consultation and experience the transformative benefits of this patient-favorite treatment.

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