Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift: A Revolution in Anti-aging?

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Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift: A Revolution in Anti-aging?

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift: Discover how this innovative skin tightening treatment can lift and smooth sagging skin without surgery using plasma fibroblast technology.

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift: An Innovative Alternative to Surgical Facelifts

 Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift is a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that has gained popularity in the new world where youthful beauty is highly valued, many seek ways to maintain a fresh, vibrant appearance without extensive surgery.  Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift offer at La Vie Clinic uses advanced technology to gently tighten and lift sagging skin as an alternative to traditional surgical facelifts. Read on to learn all about how the fibroblast technique at La Vie can rejuvenate your look.

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift: How Does Skin Tightening Work?

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift treatment utilizes the power of plasma energy to kickstart new collagen production and gently resurface the outer skin layers. A handheld device is used to direct a plasma arc towards targeted areas of the face and neck. 

This creates micro-injuries in the dermis which signal the body’s natural healing and regenerative response. As new collagen and elastin are stimulated, sagging skin becomes tighter and lifted. Fine lines and wrinkles also diminish after a series of treatments.

The plasma energy triggers gradual improvements from within the deeper skin layers without ablating the outer surface like lasers do. Patients see a refreshed, renewed appearance with minimal downtime using their body’s own healing abilities.

What Are the Benefits of Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift?

Compared to a full surgical facelift, Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift offers numerous advantages:

– Non-invasive procedure with no general anesthesia required

– Little to no downtime following treatment sessions

– More affordable cost than cosmetic surgery  

– Avoids major incisions in the skin 

– Low risk of scarring or post-procedure complications

– Gives natural, gradual improvements to the face and neck

– Can be combined with other non-surgical treatments

– Allows patients to resume normal activities quickly

– Provides skin tightening and wrinkle reduction without surgery

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift can help patients achieve facial rejuvenation without extensive procedures or significant discomfort.

How is the Fibroblast Non Surgical FaceliftTreatment Performed? 

– Numbing cream is applied to maximize comfort.

– The plasma pen glides over skin emitting quick fibroblast arcs. 

– Patients feel mild prickling sensations on the treated areas.

– Each session takes 30-90 minutes depending on the areas covered.

– 1-2 sessions spaced 3-4 weeks apart are recommended.

– Mild pinpoint scabbing develops and naturally sheds within 1-2 weeks.

Proper aftercare ensures quick healing and optimal results. Most patients find the treatment sessions comfortable and see noticeable improvements.

What Areas Can Be Treated With Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift?

Fibroblast Non Surgical Facelift

The fibroblast technique can be used to tighten and lift sagging skin on these common areas of concern:

– Eyebrows – Gives a subtle lift

– Upper/lower eyelids – Reduces hooding and bags

– Crow’s feet – Softens fine lines 

– Cheeks – Firms sagging skin

– Jowls and neck – Defines the jawline  

– Nose to mouth folds – Minimizes lines

– Neck – Tightens crepey skin

During your personalized consultation, your goals and concerns will be evaluated to design a customized Plasma Fibroblast Facelift treatment plan.

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Fibroblast Facelifts?

Fibroblast skin tightening is suited for both women and men experiencing early signs of facial aging such as:

– Mild to moderate wrinkles and crepey skin

– Beginning jowls and sagging along the jawline

– Loose neck skin and vertical neck bands

– Nasolabial folds and marionette lines around the mouth

– Drooping of the eyebrows, eyelids, or cheeks

– Skin laxity without major volume loss 

Those with advanced aging concerns may need additional procedures beyond fibroblast treatment. Schedule a consultation to determine your candidacy.

What is Recovery Like After Fibroblast Treatment?

One of the biggest advantages of fibroblast is the minimal downtime required. Most patients experience:

– Mild redness and swelling for a few hours after

– Small scab formation 3-5 days post-treatment 

– Scabs resolve naturally in 1-2 weeks

– Avoid direct sun exposure until skin is healed

– Ability to resume regular activities right after  

Properly caring for skin after each session is key. Follow all post-procedure instructions carefully to minimize side effects.

How Does Our Fibroblast Technique Provide Optimal Facial Rejuvenation?

At our clinic, our specialized fibroblast protocol is designed to provide exceptional results. Here is how we achieve outstanding facial rejuvenation:

– Using the latest plasma fiber technology with adjustable precision settings tailored to each patient’s needs. This allows for customized treatment.

– Meticulous technique applying the pen in a layered, gradual manner over multiple sessions. This slowly builds natural-looking improvements. 

– Advanced training and artistic skill to provide beautiful, symmetrical shaping that enhances your natural beauty.

– Careful application of numbing cream for a comfortable patient experience from start to finish.

– Strict follow-up protocols after treatment to minimize side effects and support proper healing.

– Synergistic modalities like microneedling or laser can be combined with fibroblast for enhanced effects.

– Ongoing maintenance appointments every 12-18 months help sustain your youthful facial enhancements long-term.

Our staff devotes great care and attention to every part of your fibroblast experience. Let us reveal your most vibrant, refreshed self using the latest techniques.

Why Choose Our Clinic for Your Fibroblast Treatment?

In addition to our specialized fibroblast techniques and certified staff, our clinic offers:

– A private, comfortable setting for your appointments with relaxing amenities. 

– Package pricing for your entire treatment plan making facelift therapy affordable.

– Before/after photos so you can see the real results achievable.

– Flexible scheduling at your convenience including evenings & weekends.  

– An on-site medical director for your peace of mind and safety.

– A team focused on providing an exceptional patient experience.

– In-depth explanations so you know what to expect for your comfort.

– An ongoing rewards program with special savings opportunities.

We strive to make your fibroblast experience five-star, from your very first consultation through achieving your aesthetic goals. Contact us today to learn more!

When are the Results Visible?

Some tightening and lifting may be noticeable after initial swelling resolves. However, the gradual process of collagen regeneration means optimal results emerge over a period of 3-6 months following treatment. Improvements continue over time.

Follow-up maintenance sessions every 12-18 months will sustain your natural, youthful fibroblast results. Be sure to schedule consistent appointments.

Should You Consider a Non-Surgical Fibroblast Facelift?

If you are bothered by mild to moderate wrinkles or loose, sagging skin on your face and neck, fibroblast facelift treatment may be right for you. This innovative technology stimulates your body’s own regenerative collagen without invasive surgery.

To determine if you are a candidate and learn more, schedule a private consultation at our clinic today!

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