PRP for Beard Growth: Emerging Treatment; Stunning Results!

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PRP for Beard Growth: Emerging Treatment; Stunning Results!

PRP for Beard Growth injected into the beard area may help stimulate follicles for improved growth, thickness, and density based on emerging research.

PRP for Beard Growth

PRP for Beard Growth: Could Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Help My Beard Grow?

PRP for Beard Growth: If you’ve tried countless oils, supplements, and techniques for beard growth with lackluster results, you may have wondered if anything can truly help stimulate thicker facial hair. While genetics play a major role, emerging research shows PRP for Beard Growth offered at La Vie Clinic holds real potential for encouraging beard growth and thickness. Read on to learn how PRP for Beard Growth works, what to realistically expect, and if PRP for Beard Growth offered at La Vie Clinic is right for your goals.

PRP for Beard Growth: What is Platelet-Rich Plasma and How is it Used for Beard Growth?

PRP for Beard Growth is a concentration of your own platelets isolated from a sample of blood. Platelets contain hundreds of growth factors and proteins that play a crucial role in wound healing and tissue regeneration.  

When injected into the skin, PRP releases these growth factors which signal your body to increase blood supply, stem cell activity, and cell metabolism. For PRP for Beard Growth, this revitalizing effect may enhance follicle health, thickness, density, and growth rate of hairs.

 PRP for Beard Growth is thought to fight the miniaturization and dormancy of hair follicles associated with male pattern baldness. Activating follicles could mean new terminal hairs, while increasing follicle size may produce existing hairs that are longer, wider, and fuller.

What Are the Potential Benefits of PRP for Beard Growth?

While larger clinical trials are still needed, initial research indicates PRP injections may provide:

  • Increased density and coverage of hair growth across beard zone
  • Improved thickness and fullness of existing facial hairs  
  • Growth of new terminal hairs in previously patchy areas
  • Faster beard growth rate resulting in quicker desired length
  • Decreased beard hair loss and shedding/breakage
  • Longer anagen (growth) phase for hairs, delaying dormancy  
  • Reversal of miniature vellus hairs into mature terminal hairs

Results from PRP for Beard Growth seem to be most pronounced when starting treatments in the early stages of beard thinning or lack of desired full growth.

What Realistic Results Can I Expect From PRP for Beard Growth?

It’s important to have realistic expectations about the degree of improvement possible with  PRP for Beard Growth. You can expect:

  • 10-30% increase in facial hair density and coverage when PRP for Beard Growth is performed correctly
  • Moderate improvement in volume, width, and thickness of existing beard hairs when PRP for Beard Growth is performed correctly
  • Gradual reduction in patchiness as dormant follicles are activated
  • Complementary boost when combined with proven beard growth tactics
  • Limited ability to generate growth where follicles are completely absent 

Dramatic changes are unlikely from PRP alone if your genetics do not allow full beard growth. Combining it with hair stimulating products may offer the most visible improvements.

How is The PRP Procedure for Beard Growth Performed?

The simple in-office process takes about 30-60 minutes:

  • Blood is drawn from your arm and centrifuged to isolate the platelet-rich plasma.
  • Your face is numbed with a topical cream to maximize comfort.
  • Using a very fine needle, the PRP is injected into the dermal layer of your beard zone. 
  • Multiple injection points are used to cover the area evenly.
  • Some redness, mild swelling, possible pinpoint bleeding, or tenderness may occur after. This resolves quickly.
  • A series of 2-3 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart is recommended for optimal results. 

Maintenance sessions every 6-12 months help sustain growth. Most patients report minimal discomfort with the treatment.

What is the Downtime and Side Effects Associated With PRP Beard Treatment?

Because your own plasma is used, allergy risks are minimal. Side effects may include:

  • Mild redness, swelling, itching, or dryness around injection sites for 2-3 days
  • Low grade headache or fatigue for 24 hours after, as the immune response is activated
  • Acne-like breakout during the first week as follicles shed
  • Occasional bruising at injection sites 

There is no major downtime and you can resume regular activities right away. Use ice, OTC pain relievers, and avoid irritation of the treatment area until initial swelling subsides.

Are There Any Negative Effects of PRP Therapy for Thinning Beard  Hair on Beard Hair Growth?

There are few known adverse reactions to PRP injections. However, some research observed:

  • Excessive facial hair growth in unwanted areas like the cheeks due to activation of dormant follicles
  • Unnatural density, texture, or direction of new beard hairs 
  • Lack of permanent results requiring ongoing maintenance treatments
  • Risk of poor technique leading to asymmetrical or patchy growth 

Proper patient selection and injection precision reduce likelihood of negative effects. Discuss expectations and technique with your provider. 

How Much Does PRP for Beard Growth Cost?

Pricing is influenced by your provider’s location and level of expertise. Using PRP to grow beard will typically cost:

  • $500 – $1200 per treatment session
  • Package discount for purchase of 3 or more sessions upfront

Consider the cost of an investment towards your best beard. Combining PRP with proven growth products may boost results. Maintenance treatments sustain growth long-term.

Explore the Rejuvenating Potential of PRP Beyond Your Beard 

While PRP injections can stimulate beard hair growth, keep in mind we also provide platelet-rich plasma therapy for rejuvenating other areas:

  • PRP Facial – Refreshes skin tone, texture, elasticity and plumps wrinkles through collagen induction in the face and neck area. PRP Facial provides gradual rejuvenating results.
  • PRP for Hair LossPRP for Hair Loss is injected into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and growth cycles. May improve hair density, slow shedding and stabilize loss.
  • PRP for Knees -Initiates your body’s innate healing process, kickstarting collagen and elastin production in the targeted area. This non-surgical PRP for Knees procedure works wonders by tightening and firming the skin around your knees, unveiling a more youthful and contoured appearance

Platelet-rich plasma harnesses your body’s own healing abilities in many applications. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how  PRP could rejuvenate your beard, face, hair, knees or other areas of concern.

In multiple ways, PRP counteracts the processes that gradually deplete beard hair follicles over time. This rejuvenating “reset” enhances density, activity, and vigor.

How Does PRP Compare to Other Beard Growth Products?

While topical oils, laser caps, supplements, and prescription medications may aid beard growth, PRP offers unique advantages:

  • Provides a high concentration of your own regenerative growth factors, cytokines, and proteins tailored to your body.
  • Directly boosts follicle stem cell activation and key metabolic processes from within.
  • Avoids risks of drug reactions, unwanted hair growth, sexual side effects, or lengthy daily regimens. 
  • Requires only a few in-office sessions for potentially lasting beard improvements.
  • Can be readily combined with oral or topical beard growth treatments for synergistic effects.

Due to its highly targeted in-follicle action, PRP is capable of beard boosting effects beyond other options. Discuss incorporating PRP into your regimen with our hair growth experts.

What Aftercare Steps Help Maximize My PRP Beard Treatment Results?

While PRP stimulates growth, optimizing daily care of your beard can enhance and prolong your results:

  • Gently cleanse and condition facial hair daily with beard shampoos and oils to prevent breakage after PRP.
  • Take supplements that support hair growth like biotin, vitamin D, zinc, and antioxidants.
  • Eat a nutritious, anti-inflammatory diet high in protein and vitamins.
  • Manage stress levels through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption which can impair follicle health and metabolism. 
  • Use sun protection, get sufficient sleep, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly for optimal energy.
  • Follow any specialized post-procedure instructions provided by your technician. 

Healthy living allows your rejuvenated beard to reach its fullest growth potential from PRP treatments and proper at-home care.

The La Vie Experience; Why Choose La Vie Clinic

At La Vie Aesthetics Clinic, you can trust our office manager Rawan Batal to ensure the best experience ever while Our Licensed Medical Professional Aesthetician Nagwa Attala performs the treatment under the supervision of Dr. Gamal S. Zaki MD, with over 25 years of practice, he is board certified in internal medicine and geriatrics. our internal physician. 

At La Vie you can expect:

  • Advanced technology designed specifically to ensure ultimate results from treatments. 
  • A steady, confident hand and meticulous technique for precise control.
  • A calm, friendly manner to put you at ease through every step of the process. 
  • Ongoing support during your treatment and even after!
  • Convenient text messaging for easy appointment scheduling.

With over 8 years of medical aesthetics experience, you can feel confident in Nagwa’s precise hand and Rawan’s friendly follow up during the treatment in ensuring an ultimate ambiance to have an experience like no other at La Vie! Learn more about the values and driving story behind La Vie clinic!

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We’re honored to collaborate with the Rochester Hill Chamber of Commerce on this meaningful initiative supporting Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills. Together, we aim to spread awareness and increase accessibility of our restorative hair treatments such as PRF Hair and Hair PRP Treatment hair restoration to Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills at a discounted price so more Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills can find their way back to vibrancy. The Rochester Hill Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in getting the word out about our reduced pricing services and mission of empowering Cancer Survivors Rochester Hills.

Is PRP for Beard Growth Right for Me?  

Ideal candidates for PRP beard rejuvenation are those seeking:

  • Moderately improved volume, density, and growth rate
  • Reversal of early hair thinning, shedding, or slow growth  
  • An adjuvant boost when combined with proven beard growth tactics
  • To fill modest bare patches or areas of low density

Have realistic expectations about the degree of achievable results. Severe cases are unlikely to achieve dramatic restoration with PRP alone. Talk with one of our providers to see if you are suited for PRP facial hair rejuvenation.

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