Forever Body BBL

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Forever Body BBL

Forever Body BBL

Now, you can achieve a head-to-toe youthful glow with Forever Body BBL. This skin revitalization treatment bids farewell to pigment, sun damage, age spots, and more. Powered by BBL HERO, renowned as the fastest light-based technology for younger-looking skin, Forever Body BBL delivers full-body treatments in as little as three minutes. Show your body some love with this transformative head-to-toe skincare experience!

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Benefits of BBL HERO Body

  • Comprehensive Imperfection Address: BBL HERO tackles surface imperfections and deep-rooted pigmentation issues.
  • Comfortable Experience: Patients can expect minimal to no discomfort as Ms. Nagwa Attalla, our licensed medical aesthetician, gently glides the BBL HERO handpiece over the skin.
  • Cool and Comfortable: During treatment, a sapphire on the device’s applicator keeps the skin cool. Post-treatment, warmth may persist for an additional 30 to 60 minutes.

La Vie's BBL HERO Body: A Powerful Yet Gentle Skin Revitalization Device

This quick and comfortable treatment eliminates skin pigmentation, allowing us to address multiple areas of concern in a short session with minimal discomfort.

Procedure at a Glance!

Pain Level

None to minimal—experience comfort throughout the session

Blood Drawn

No invasive procedures—no blood drawn

Treatable Areas

The whole body from head to toe


None to minimal—swift return to your routine

Number of Sessions

1-3 sessions depending on the case

Procedure Duration

2-10 minutes

Results Timeline

1-2 weeks until the full results


Customized recommendations—sustain the benefits with personalized aftercare.

Pre-Procedure Preparation & Post-Procedure Care

Customized recommendations—ensure prolonged radiance with personalized guidance.

Type of Equipment/Brand

Top-quality Sciton BBL HERO device


Assessed during a free consultation

Customizable Solutions

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